Polio has been eradicated in India, but there are millions of children who did not/could not benefit from the Rotary’s Polio plus vaccination program. Polio affected children need support for corrective surgeries, braces and mobility devices to be able to walk and those who survive Paralytic Polio need continued care.

Cerebral Palsy is a group of disorders caused by abnormal brain development in a child that affects their movement, muscle coordination, balance and posture. There is no cure for Cerebral Palsy.

Providing care and treatment to children affected by Polio and Cerebral Palsy is still a challenging task. A donation of $300 will provide a child with corrective surgery and rehabilitation for a year so they too can lead a life of self-reliance and dignity.

Here is a peek into a few of the organizations we support to empower children with Polio and Cerebral Palsy.
1. New Jersey Institute of Disabilities, NJ, US
  • Regional multi-service center for children with multiple disabilities including Cerebral Palsy
  • HHH supported the Lakeview School Aquatic Center which has been of great value to the children
  • Since COVID-19, NJID has been facing difficulties supporting the operational costs and needs for the Aquatic Center
  • HHH Role – Continue to support the Aquatic Center including purchasing of new equipment for rehabilitation therapy
2. Bhagavatula Charitable Trust (BCT), Andra Pradesh, India
  • Provides assistive and prosthetic devices to children with disabilities including those affected by Polio and Cerebral Palsy
  • Tricycles provided to Polio affected children
  • Wheelchairs provided to children with Cerebral Palsy and muscular dystrophy
  • Performs frequent medical checkups to ensure the well-being of these children
  • HHH Role: Continue to help BCT provide orthopedic and assistive devices to these children
3. Delhi Council for Child Welfare, Delhi India
  • Provides rehabilitation for physically and mentally challenged children including those with Cerebral Palsy through its program Bal Chetna - established in 2002 as a residential and day care facility
  • Ensures the well being of these children with a team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, special educator, speech therapist, counselor and caregivers
  • Provides all aids and devices required for any physical disability including corrective surgery done at their Orthopedic Centre
  • HHH Role – Help provide aids and devices and corrective surgery to empower these children so they can stand on their own feet


Help a child today and change their life

Help a child tomorrow and change their future

Help a child always and change their world

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