Approximately 1 in 44 children in the US is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In India, it is estimated around 18 million people have Autism.

Developmental Disabilities are a diverse group of severe chronic conditions including intellectual and learning disability, blindness, and deafness.

HHH has supported organizations focused on empowering children with Developmental Disabilities in the US and in India. These organizations provide special education, physical and speech therapy, occupational therapy, vocational training and parent/sibling care. These organizations need funding for purchasing equipment for their rehabilitation centers, providing speech and physical therapy, and maintenance of transport (e.g., buses, vans) used to take children from their homes to the organization.

A donation of $500 will provide special education and medical treatment to a child with Developmental Disabilities for a year.

Here is a peek into a few of the organizations we support to empower children with Developmental Disabilities.
1. Samadhan, Delhi, India
  • Has set up an early intervention unit and rehabilitation clinic
  • Sensitization program for mothers and caregivers
  • Supports 30 children with mental, speech and physical developmental disabilities
  • HHH Role: Continue to provide care for these intellectually challenged children to receive one-to-one therapy and appropriate clinical services
2. Dharithree – Developmental Disabilities
  • Consists of four Day Care Centers and one Residential home for special needs children
  • Supports 200 children with developmental disabilities
  • Annual expenditure per child is $800 which includes schooling, food and nutrition, therapy charges, medical care and transportation
  • HHH Role: Help provide therapy and medical care to these special needs children
3. Bhal Bhavan Society, Gujarat, India
  • Is a day school for children with multiple developmental disabilities
  • Provides training in creative and performing arts
  • Provides pre-vocational skills, counselling and medical services
  • HHH Role: Continue to support services provided by Bhal Bhavan to give these children a voice


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