Visual Impairment in children requires special care and treatment to learn and do everyday activities, corrective surgeries and therapy. Many of the causes of childhood blindness are avoidable and treatable.

HHH is committed to improving the lives of children with visual impairment. Give the gift of vision by donating $200 for a child to receive corrective eye surgery and therapy/training.

Here is a peek into a few of the organizations we support to empower children with Visual Impairment.
1. Blind Welfare Council Dahod – Eye
  • Supports children with visual impairment
  • Provides services including education and vocational training to these children
  • Supports teachers through special training on Braille reading and writing to empower visually impaired children
  • HHH Role: Continue to help support education and training for visually impaired children
2. All India Confederation of the Blind (AICB), Haryana, India
  • Mission to provide blind and visually impaired children equality of opportunities, ensure protection of their rights and facilitate their full participation in all aspects of life
  • Provides education for visually challenged children via their special school “AICB Capt. Chandanlal Spl. School for the Blind”
  • Funds used for purchasing Braille books, maintenance of Braille library and to support teaching staff
  • HHH Role: Continue to support AICB’s special school for visually impaired children


Help a child today and change their life

Help a child tomorrow and change their future

Help a child always and change their world

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