Find out if there is a well defined Giving Program (including corporate match)

If yes, then please follows the steps outlined below:

    Step 1:
  • Find the period in which the program runs and the contact who is in-charge of the program (the person who is specifically in charge of maintaining the charity list)
  • Step 2:
  • Ask for the protocol to sponsor a charity into the Giving Program (independent of group charities such as United Way)
  • Step 3:
  • Take the form that needs to be filled, scan and email HHH at (please include Giving Program contact info)
  • Step 4:
  • Form needs to be filled with the appropriate information by HHH and sent back either directly to the Giving Program Contact and/or sponsor
  • Step 5:
  • HHH will follow up regarding the renewal protocol (yearly certification of charity status) directly with the company and copy the sponsor

HHH materials for setting up corporate matching

  • HHH materials including a short email and presentation about the organization will be sent to the sponsor (i.e., your company/corporation)
  • Sponsor may send emails to groups or individuals within their organization
  • If possible, sponsor can setup a live one hour lunch & learn session where HHH members can come and present
  • All donations whether matched or direct will be marked in Donor’s name with clear mention of matching organization
    (e.g., John Smith = $1000 part of xyz co. corporate match program)
  • For more information or questions you have, please contact


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